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Auction Terms & Abbreviations

Terms of Auction & Abbreviations

Even though this Auction is online, it is still a Public Auction. Your bids will be in competition with a live audience on the day of the Auction. We will only accept computer bids until 7:00AM EST the day of the Auction, Mail Bids the day before the Auction. You may bid live by phone, but arrangements must be made at least 48 hours before the Auction.

The Opening Bid is not necessarily the highest bid that we have, but the amount that the lot would actually sell for, if we received no other bids on that lot. The Opening Bid is established at one increment over the second highest bid. If only one Bid is received on a lot, then the lot will open at 50% of that bid.

Example: If we receive two bids on a lot, one for $50, and the other for $100.00. The Opening Bid would be $52.00, one increment over the second highest. We would then bid up to $100.00 for the high bidder.

Bidding increments are as follows:

Up to $20, the increment is $1.00
$20 to $60, $2.00
$60 to $120, $5.00
$120 to $240, $10.00
$240 to $600, $20.00
$600 to $1200, $50.00
$1200 and Up, $100.00, or a the descretion of the auctioneer.

  1. A  15% buyer's premium will be added to the price of all lots paid for with a Credit Card. A 12% buyer's premium will be added to lots paid for with Check or Cash, please bid accordingly.
  2. Lots will be sold to the highest bidder at one increment over the second highest bid. In the case of a tie the first bid received wins the lot, so bid early.
  3. Lots are guaranteed genuine as described, if they are not they may be returned within 7 days for a full refund. Stamps must be returned in orignal packaging with a copy of the invoice. Stamp/Lot(s) described with faults, as is, or which consist of more than 5 stamps cannot be returned.
  4. If a stamp is to be placed on extension for a Certificate of Authenticity from the Philatelic Foundation, Professional Stamp Experts, or American Philatelic Society, Miller's must be notified of buyers intent at the time the time of purchase. Miller's will then submit the stamp for the buyer to an approved Expertizing Committee. If the stamp comes back with a Cert without faults the buyer must pay for the cost of the Cert. plus shipping both ways. If the stamp comes back with a Fault(s) not described in the auction catalog. The stamp may be returned and the buyer will be refunded the cost of the stamp, including the buyer's premium and applicable sales tax. If the hammer (purchase) price was $150.00 or more the cost of the Certificate (up to $50.00) will also be refunded. The cost of the Certificate will not be refunded if the stamp already had a Cert., or sold for less than $150.
  5. If an opinion cannot be rendered within 100 days, the lot cannot be returned under any circumstances.
  6. Lots must be paid in full before given or shipped to buyer, unless prior arrangements have been made.
  7. Miller's is a life member of the ASDA, We are an ASDA Qualified Auction Firm and subscribed to their code of ethics. We are also life members of the APS and ARA, and members of the USPCS and USSS.
  8. Bids may be made in person, by mail, by phone or FAX 860-739-9989, by Email   or bidding directly online using our Auction Web Page at:  just click on the Lot # to view the current opening bid.  You may bid online until 7:00 am the day of the Auction, or until 12 noon by phone. You must call my Cell # 860-908-6200 on the day of the auction.
  9. Lots may be viewed at my office by appointment only, please phone ahead. The small lots mat be viewed at any stamp show that we are set up at the month preceeding the Auction. You may also view the day of the auction from 10:00 am until 1:00 pm at the Niantic Motel.
  10. Connecticut occupants must pay Conn Sales Tax, unless you are a dealer with a valid Connecticut Resale Tax number.
  11. For shipped lots, postage and handling will be paid by the buyer (including sufficient postal insurance).
  12. We reserve the right to withdraw any lot for any reason prior to the hammer falling.
  13. Owners of lots consigned to Miller's included in this auction may NOT bid on their own Lot(s).


NH    Never Hinged (Stamp was never mounted)

VLH  Very Lightly Hinged ( a little difficult to spot the hinged mark)

LH    Lightly Hinged ( only a nice light hinge mark remains)

Hinged  (heavier hinge mark, but no bits of hinge remain)

HR    Hinged Remnant (piece of hinge still adheared to stamp)

OG    Original Gum

DG    Disturbed Gum (usually glazing from a mount or glassine)

RG    Regummed (not original gum, gummed was applied privately)

Expertly Regummed  (the average collector would think the gum is original)

NGAI  No Gum as Issued (stamp was issued without gum)

NG    No Gum (stamp was issued with gum, but was it washed off)

S      Superb (perfect measurable margins)

XF    Extra Fine (at first glance looks almost Superb)

VF    Very Fine (pretty well balanced margins)

F-VF  Fine to Very Fine (off centered, but narrow side still has a margin)

F       Fine (perfs getting close, still shows a little margin)

JF     Just Fine (perfs very close but not quite touching design)

Avg  Avereage (one or margins touch or cut the design)

Cpl Complete 

Comm  Commemorative Issues

Cat Value  Latest Scott Catalog Price

Est      Estimated Retail Value, example (50-75)

PB      Plate Block, usually of 4 or 6

Pl.#     Plate Number

S/S     Souvenir Sheet

Sht     Full Sheet or Pane as Issued

PF       Philatelic Foundation of New York

PSE    Professional Stamp Experts, Newport Beach, CA

APS     American Philatelic Society, Bellefonte, PA

Cert    Certificate of Authenticity, from one of the above

ASDA American Stamp Dealers Association

USPCS United States Philatelic Classic Society

USSS United States Stamp Society 

ARA American Revenue Association  

w/        with

w/o     without

UL      Upper Left

LR       Lower Right

US      United States stamps

Foreign   Foreign stamps only, none from the US

Worldwide   Both Foreign & US stamps

FDC    First Day Cover(s)

Dups   Duplicates