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Miller's Stamp Auction - October 2007

If you have stamps to sell we are the place to go. Miller's a name you can trust since 1969. 

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  • FREE appraisals, if you can bring your stamps to our office located at 12 Douglas Lane in Waterford, CT. We will give you 30+ minutes of our time, and give you an estimate of we will pay for them. There is no obligation whatsoever. We only do this by appointment,  please call 860-908-6200.
  • FREE online appraisals, email us scans or photos of some of your more expensive or older stamps. We can then give you a good idea of what we can pay. Email scans or photos to
  • You may also mail your stamps to us for a FREE price quote. You must get approval before mailing. First contact us with scans or an inventory.
  • Please read  the "Ten Facts" below to get an idea of what your stamps may be worth. Then scroll to bottom and enter the required information.

We are aggressive buyers of most philatelic material with value, especially well centered classic U.S. pre 1930. We have a reputation for paying fair prices on the spot. Turn your unwanted stamps into CA$H. No collection is too large. We do written estate and insurance appraisals for an hourly fee. We also accept better stamps on consignment for our Stamp Auctions. Minimum lot net value is $50. Consignment fee is 10 to 20%..

I am an American Stamp Dealer Association Qualified Stamp Appraiser & Auctioneer.


Stamps aren't scarce, but there are scarce stamps. I do not want you to get your hopes to high so here are ten hard facts to consider when evaluating what your stamps are truely worth.

1. We do not buy at a percentage of catalog value, but a percentage of retail value. We pay as much as 60 to 65% of our retail for better stamps. We use the latest Scott Catalogues as a guide. Most private stamp company's catalogs (such as Mystic, Harris or Brookman) have much higher prices.

2. The catalog values are for stamps with Very Fine centering in perfect condition. Stamps not as well centered or have faults are worth much less. Our retail on faulty stamps is a little as 5 to 10% of their catalog value. We usually retail XF to Superb stamps for more than catalog value. Like all collectible condition makes a HUGE difference.

3. The minimum catalog value today is 25c. This is a polite way of saying that your stamp is not worth anything. You can buy these stamps by the pound. There are approximately 6,000 stamps in a pound with a catalog value of $1,500+. We sell a pound of stamps for as little as $15. That's only 1% of their catalog value.

4. Most Mint and Used Foreign, and Used U.S. stamps that catalog $1.00 each or less are included in the stamps bought and sold by the pound. This includes German World War 2 stamps with Adolf Hitler pictured on them.

5. Most U.S. Mint (un-cancelled with full gum) singles, blocks and sheets issued after 1940 are bought and wholesaled at less than their face value.

6. Most U.S. First Day Covers after 1940 that are unaddressed with cachets (pictures on the envelope relating to the stamps topic) are purchased for less than 10c each. Addressed First Days are worth even less, and un-cacheted (without pictures) are not wanted.

** Of course there are exceptions to the rule. There are some modern stamps that sell for several times their face value.

7. Many expensive stamps look like common less expensive stamps. They have very subtle variations that make them scarce and valuable. They should have Certificates of Authenticity from a reputable agency before they are bought or sold.

8. Age has nothing to do with the value of a stamp. As usual the true value is based on supply and demand. Example a U.S. 2c Columbian #231 Used Catalogs 30c (the current wholesale is 35c per 100). The $5 Columbian #245 from the same set Used Catalogs $1,400. They were both issued at the same time in 1893, but the #245 has a Catalog value of 4,700 time as more than the #231.

9. Cheap stamps stay cheap and expensive stamps get more expensive. If you have a beginner's collection that cost $15 in the 1940s or 50s. I can assure you that it is probably worth less today. On the other hand if you paid $50 or $100 for a single stamp in the 1940s or 50s, and kept in the same condition. I can almost assure you that is is worth much more today.

10. Unfortunately there are far fewer collectors today then there were ten years ago. Most children, the future of the hobby have no interest in collecting. As the old time collectors pass away, and their families have no one interested in the collection, they sell them. The stamp supply goes up and the catalog values come down.

If you have some stamps of value l would love to buy them,  just don't expect them to be worth as much as they once were. Please send me a brief description of the stamps you are trying to sell. Are they U.S. or Foreign? Mint or Used?  Singles, Blocks or Sheets? In an Album or loose in boxes? How old are they? Thank you I hope we can do business.

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