Miller's Stamp Company

Bidding Instructions

Bidding Instructions

  1. If the Opening Bid is $0.00, you may bid what ever you wish within the bidding increments. If there is a bid, you must bid at least one increment over that bid to have a chance of winning the lot. Don't be afraid to bid higher, I will bid in the proper increments for you until we reach your high bid. We are an honest Auction Firm and will not automatically enter your high bid.
  2. Enter your bid in the box, then press Submit Bid. If your bid is in the proper increment, the bid will be added to your bid sheet.
  3. When you are finished bidding, fill in the customer information form below the bid sheet, and click the Submit button. The bidding will start at one increment over the second highest bid. If we receive only one bid on a lot, we will start the bidding at 50% of that bid.
  4. In the case of a tie the first bid received wins the lot.
  5. Proper bidding increments are listed in the Auction Terms.

If you are a successful bidder, you will be contacted after the auction. We prefer contacting you by email so please include your email address. You may then mail us a check or money order, or you may call us with your Credit Card information 860-908-6200. We accept MasterCard, VISA, Dicover and American Express. Lots will remain in our possession until payments are received, personal checks must clear our bank.

NOTICE: If the photos are not big enough for you hold down the "Control Button" and click the "+" button as many times as you need to increase the size of the stamp to your liking.

Reminder: A 15% Buyer's commissiom will be added to all invoices paid for with a Credit Card or check. A 12% Buyer's Premium will be added to invoices paid with Cash, so bid accordingly. Connecticut residents must pay 6.35% sales tax. Buyer's must pay all shipping and insurance fees.

Even though this Auction is on line, it is still a Public Auction and your bids will be in competition with a live audience on the day of the Auction. We will be accepting computer bids until 7:00AM EST on the morning of the Auction. Any internet bids received after that time may not be binding, Sorry.

For more details see the Auction Terms.